Your BeachExplorer App

Mobil on the beach

Using your Beachxplorer-App (so far only in german, sorry) you can identify all kinds of things you find on the beach – directly on site and without internet connection. The complete determination key is always ready to use on your smartphone or tablet.

Pics of your finds

You are invited to send in pictures of your most interesting finds. These pictures allow for an idenfication check in case of doubt and are proof of your observations if you collect „species hunter points“.

Download for free

The App is distributed for free due to a financial grant from the german federal government via Bundesprogramm Biologische Vielfalt

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Screenshot of the app

Picture informations:

Author(s) Thomas Uher / Sybille Kambeck
Licence owner SiSol Systems / janefire
Licence statement The copyright remains with the authors
Licence cc-by-sa 3.0