Rote Bohne/Baltische Plattmuschel (Macoma balthica)

EN: Baltic tellin NL: Nonnetje DK: Østersømusling
Karte: GBIF
Verbreitung Die Rote Bohne lebt in den gemäßigten Breiten auf der gesamten Nordhalbkugel. . From the Beaufort Sea, Alaska, south to San Francisco Bay, California. Also occurs throughout the Bering and Okhotsk Seas to Japan. Off northern Europe, occurs in the North Sea (England, Norway and Denmark), Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, White Sea, in the waters of the Faroe Islands north to Iceland (but no records from Greenland), and as far south as Spain. On the western Atlantic coast, present from Labrador to Georgia (Bernard 1979, Coan et al. 2000, Vainola 2003).
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