Ringed birds

Please report bird's rings!
Metal rings are the classical technique of bird migration research. Upon recovery the individual ring number refers to place and time of the initial ringing of a (usually dead found) bird. Colour rings can be identified in the field and deliver "vita informations" if a bird is observed repeatedly. National bird ringing centers like Vogelwarte Helgoland collect these data.
„True“ ornithologists collect all recovered rings on the neck strap of their binoculars ... (-:
Pidgeon rings (seamless plastic rings) are not relevant for science and should not be reported.

Field biological records are only accepted and used when the observer is known. Please register once to make sure that your recordings can be used. Our business terms guarantee strict confidentiality for your personal data.

Ring observation report
Please not the following data in the "commentary" field:

  • ring inscription
  • bird species (if known)
  • which leg (left is left...)
  • other markings
  • state of carcass if dead
  • assumed cause of death (if obvious)
Birds with rings

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